AutoCAD drawing tools: Ellipse

Ellipse is a type of image command that serves to make an ellipse, a closed object in the form of a curved curve. Elipse can be made with three methods, namely the center, axis, end, and arch methods.
AutoCAD drawing tools: Ellipse

How to activate the ellipse command in AutoCAD:
1. Command method
Type Command on Command Bar: ellipse
Press Enter
Ellipse  Command method

2. Toolbar method
Ellipse Toolbar method

Make an Ellipse in AutoCAD:
1. Activated Ellipse Command
2. Specify the center point (Example: Point 1)
3. Specify the length of the first axis (Example: 3)
4. Press Enter
5. Specify the length of the second axis (Example: 6)
6. Press Enter
Make an Ellipse in AutoCAD

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