AutoCAD drawing tools: Spline Fit and Spline CV

Creates a smooth curve that passes through or near a set of fit points, or that is defined by the vertices in a control frame.

Splines are defined either with fit points or with control vertices. By default, fit points coincide with the spline, while control vertices define a control frame. Control frames provide a convenient method to shape the spline. Each method has its advantages.
AutoCAD drawing tools: Spline Fit and Spline CV

How to activate the spline command in AutoCAD:
1. Command method
Command: spline
cmd spline

2. Toolbar method
First, you must change the workspace to Drafting & Annotation. READ HOW TO CHANGE WORKSPACE.

 Spline Fit
 Spline Control Vertices (CV)

1. Click Home Tab
2. Click Draw
3. Click Spline Fit Logo

1. Click Home Tab
2. Click Draw
3. Click Spline CV Logo

Make a Spline in AutoCAD:
1. Activated spline command
2. Create First Point, specifies the first point of the spline, either the first fit point or the first control vertex, depending on the current method.
3. Next Point, creates additional spline segments until you press Enter.

4. Undo, removes the last specified point.
5. Close, closes the spline by defining the last point to be coincident with the first. By default, closed splines are periodic, maintaining curvature continuity (C2) along the entire loop.

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Reference: Help AutoCAD 2017


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