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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Coordinate System

Hello Tutor Friend! I have one secret to easily mastering technical drawings especially drawing with "AutoCAD". The secret is the Mastery of Understanding the Coordinate System. If we already understand the coordinate system, I guarantee everyone will quickly understand all forms of functions/commands in AutoCAD.
AutoCAD: Sistem Koordinat
A. Cartesian Coordinate System
a. 2D Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Determined by the X and Y axes (X axis on horizontal lines, Y axis is vertical)
  • Writing (x, y)
Sistem Koordinat Kartesius 2D
b. 3D Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Determined by the X, Y and Z axes (X style on the horizontal line, vertical Y axis, and Z style as the point height level)
  • Writing (x, y, z)
 Sistem Koordinat Kartesius 3D
B. Polar Coordinate System

The Polar coordinate is a coordinate system used to describe a certain distance at a certain angle from the last point. The angle of rotation is counterclockwise (counterclockwise).

Polar coordinate function:
Search for objects (examples; lines) with a certain length with a certain angle/slope.

Write format:

Application example:
the first point is 14.4
the second point is @ 8
Polar Coordinate System
Sistem Koordinat Polar
C. Relative Coordinate System
2D and or 3D Relative Coordinates are coordinate systems used to describe distances relative to the previous point.

Polar coordinate function:
The work of an object (example; line) with a certain length, width and height.

Writing format:
2D format @ length, width or
3D format @length, width, height

Examples of application to 3D:
the first point is @1,1
the second point is @ 3,2,2

Sistem Koordinat Relatif
D. Absolute Coordinate System
The Absolute Coordinate is the coordinate system used for 2D fields, these coordinates are determined by the X and Y axes.

Polar coordinate function:
The work of an object (example; line) with a certain length, width and height.

writing format:
(x), (y)

Application example:
point A 4.4
Sistem Koordinat Absolut

Reference source:
Sastra M Suparno. 2014. Be Excellent Designer with AutoCAD Revisions Edition. Jakarta (ID). PT Elex Media Komputindo.

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