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Sunday, August 5, 2018

AutoCAD: Tooltips

Who says AutoCAD is difficult and complicated? AutoCAD is very interesting and very fun to learn. We can explore all the functions or commands that are available, do not be afraid of being wrong because even if we click the toolbar incorrectly it will not damage our computer right? jajaja

There is a facility that I favor in the AutoCAD application, tooltips. Well, this tooltips facility is divided into two.
AutoCAD: Tooltips

1. Basic/ Standard Tooltips

Standard tooltips are facilities from AutoCAD that contain descriptions or information about command shortcut keys, command names, and command tags.
Basic/ Standard Tooltips
Basic/ Standard Tooltips

2. Extended tooltips

Extended tooltips are tooltips that contain information displayed using image illustrations. These tooltips will be active if the cursor is placed on one icon for a few seconds.
extended tooltips
extended tooltips
Well, that's the friend of the tutor's review of AutoCAD tooltips

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