Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts Command

Hi My Tutor friend, for those of you who are looking for tricks or "cheats" to operate AutoCAD. You are right in posting "Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts Command". Here I will provide shortcut commands that are often used in Autocad operations. Let's just take a look.
Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts Command

the shortcut key serves to help speed up the process of working on AutoCAD when drawing 2D and or 3D. Here are some examples of shortcut keys that are often used:

CTRL + A serves to replace the select all command (selecting all objects)
CTRL + B functions to enable / disable Snap (Snap On / Off)
CTRL + C functions to copy into the Clipboard (Copy to Clipboard)
CTRL + SHIFT + C functions to copy using the base point
CTRL + F functions to enable / disable Osnap (Osnap On / Off)
CTRL + G functions to bring up / hide the grid
CTRL + J functions to replace the Enter key function

CTRL + L functions to activate / deactivate Ortho (Ortho On / Off)
CTRL + N functions to open a new AutoCAD worksheet
CTRL + O functions to open files that have been saved
CTRL + Q functions to end / exit AutoCAD
CTRL + S functions to save images / files (save)
CTRL + SHIFT + S serves to save images / files with other names
CTRL + V functions to display the copied object
CTRL + SHIFT + V functions to paste blocks
CTRL + Y functions as a redo
CTRL + Z functions as an undo

CTRL + 1 functions to display Properties
CTRL + 2 functions to display the Design Center
CTRL + 3 functions to display the Palletes Window Tool
CTRL + 4 functions to display Sheet Set Manager
CTRL + 8 serves to display the calculator

okay, that's a little information about "Autocad Keyboard Shortcuts Command". If there are errors and additions, please comment, bro! Enjoy!

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