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Friday, August 10, 2018

AutoCAD drawing tools: Arc

Arc is a type of command in AutoCAD for making arcs (curved lines). There are 11 ways to create Arch including the 3-point method, start-center-end, start-center-angle, etc.
AutoCAD drawing tools: Arc

How to activate the arc command in AutoCAD:
1. Command method
Command: arc

2. Toolbar method
Toolbar method

Making Arc with 3-point method in AutoCAD:
1. Click the Home tab
2. Click the Draw ribbon panel, then click the Arch logo
3. Click 3-Point
4. Determine the starting point for making an arc (point 1)
5. Determine the second point (point 2)
6. Determine the third point (point 3)

Making Arc with 3-point method in AutoCAD
Making Arc with 3-point method in AutoCAD

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